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Of course you are nervous. Before my first appt. with Dr. D'Cruz I had a huge row with my Husband and nearly left home because I was so stressed.
Although others tried to reassure me I felt I might well be the first person he ever showed the door to. Needless to say it didn't happen.

I had numerous pages of A4 with my history and symptoms. I kept a copy and gave him a copy. I numbered the pages so we would both know where we were. I also left a space at the end, where immediately before the appt. I wrote down the bits I remembered at the last minute.

It is a long journey for you. I assume you are staying in London. Try to be well rested before your appt. Do not worry about not being in a flare. On my first appt. I looked relatively okay when I went in, but it only took undressing and moving my joints a bit for me to be going purple and blotchy, with trembling limbs!

I found I really needed online support at that time so I would urge you to be here as often as you need.
I will be thinking of you.
x Lola
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