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greeting all

well...i seem to be whigging rite about now. i have an appointment with my rheumies covering doctor tomorrow. gosh i wish he was back from turkey. she had me get bloodwork done. she ran another lupus panel, not any of the other things that needed to be run. fortunately i had the prescription from the previous doctor so i got all the bloodwork that has been ordered over the past six months. i'm whigging cause i don't have alot of confidence is this woman. not to metion i now have to have my pain meds written thru another doctor who is pain doc. i'm afraid if blood doesn't come back all positive she will take my diagnosis away. my bloodwork has always alittle wonky. when i had thought i had hep-c the doctor said no cause my bloodwork didn't show that my liver enzymes elevated...well after alot of arguing i finally got him to run the hep-c test and sure enough i was positive for hep-c. my bloodwork for lupus has always been inconsistent. what if she decideds i don't have lupus. its been along road, and many new symptoms have popped up over the years, most currently the neuro issues and the treatment plan i've been on is helping. i'm afraid i'm going to go thru the darkness all over again. we all know that there are ill equipt to understand lupus. i wish i could go to turkey and find my doctor and pull him back here to take care of me. he and my gastroentrologist saved my life six years ago. i haven't had alot of faith in doctors (except the one i use to work for) so when i found dr.k it was like a god send to me. what am i going to do if this new woman is a dolt and takes me off my treatment plan. and lets not even go to if they take me off my pain meds. i've told them that if they want/need to do that they have to put me in a chemical induced coma for withdrawl. oh gosh, my stomach is in knots and gurgerling. the thought of the pain, swelling, debilitateing fatigue, the all over feeling like death. i don't know what to do...i know i'm babbling now but my head is racing around in circles. i'm sooo anxious. my little feetsies and paws are like ice and hurt. at least my headache has gone away.
well i better stop whinning now before you guys kick me off the board.

take care guys and i hope you are all doing well

hugs and kisses
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