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Dear Star

I hope your trip to hospital goes smoothly for you.

I always make sure I have things around me that make me feel at home like Joan said, and use hospital as an excuse for sleeping. I can mostly trick myself to sleep now, even on a busy hospital ward.. where there is a will there is a way. Have you an ipod or mp3 player, that helps to shut out noise.

I also have my family bring me food I like. I have difficulty swallowing hospital food, I know it is a psychological problem I have but there it is.

And remember if you do snore, you won't know it... it is just all the other snorers, and the nurses, who will notice. ;)

I have had a laparotomy. It was far far less frightening than I thought it would be and the scar is invisible after a very short time usually.

Will be thinking of you on Wednesday.

Much love
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