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Hi all,

My doc also mentioned that powerbreathe thing to me to train myself to breathe better. The problem is that when we can't breathe 100% we tend not to empty our lungs properly and therefore not fill them either and the amount of CO2 can build up as well.

He also said that I could do much the same exercise as the powerbreathe thing by blowing slowly and steadily into a tube in a bottle with some water in it (I hope I'm making sense here). The aim is to train yourself to properly empty the lungs and therefore properly fill them too.

It does sound a bit of a slap in the face but maybe your doc knows you pretty well. My GP gets awful wary when I come in telling him things are going fine etc. He knows I tend to ignore symptoms creeping back and although denial is a wonderful thing at times it is also good to know that you have a problem that you can maybe work on rather than let it get too bad. Many docs wouldn't even bother to check if the patient said they were doing fine so I think it's a good thing he did.

I'm sure you'll be back to your perky self soon and well done on all that gym, swimming etc. I am oh soooo envious! :lol:

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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