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Good Facial Sun Block

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I want to recommend Neutrogen's Age Shield sunblock. It has a spf, of 55.
It help screen UVB rays and it helps block UVA

It is oil free and waterproof also It is fragrance free and wont clog pores.

I love it..because It has such a nice feel and leaves my skin so soft. I use it in place of a facial moisturizer in the daytime, under my makeup. I don't use makeup everyday, but I do use this sunscreen everyday.

It was reasonably priced and comes in a 3.0 oz tube.

I hope those of you that try in enjoy it, and find it very helpful. :)

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Thanks Sandy :)

I've been thinking about trying Neutrogena too as I like their other fragrance free products.

I also like one by Avene (the ultra-high protection emulsion is very liquid and doesn't feel greasy). I'm not sure if it's available everywhere, all I can find on the internet is the "cream" which is thicker.

Thank you Sandy,

I was in the store looking at the sun blocks. The more I looked the more I got confused.:lol: Next time I go I will give the one you mentioned a try.

What do you use on your lips? I have had my lips sunburned once.:( They swelled up and was very painful.

I will def try a different sunblock, been using piz buin 50 which is effective but pretty greasy and full of alot of additives... thanks for the info.
Claire X
Maybe for lips try the very high protection sun block specially for lips that you can get to go skiing. I had to buy some recently for my eldest son who went skiing with school.
Sunsense 50 + spf is my fav!

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