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Gosh do I hurt something awful today

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:wacko::yawn:Goodness! We had a drastic weather change last night that jumped from 60 and 70 degree weather and landed in the 90's. It sure caused my joints to hurt something aweful. Think I might have to take myself a pain pill and go back to bed.
Between the ****** fibro acting up and joints hurting I don't want to do anything but sit her all crunched up in a lounge chair and stay still. The wonderful days of having Lupus.
I woke up last night at 2:30 in the morning and when I do that I know my day is going to be a lousy one. Got my shower and landed right back into my nightgown and been in the nightgown ever since. I sure hope tomorrow is a better day and not hurting again. Most of the time I can deal with the pain if it's mild and not too severe. But today it's pain pill day. It hurts bad enough for the pill! I try not to take pain meds unless I am hurting so bad I can't stand it and today is the day. Going to get offline now and go lay in bed, watch TV and hope I fall asleep and stay asleep all night long. Hope everyone else in here is doing okay and not sick. But I'm pretty sure there are a few of us in here hurting just like me today and I wish them all my best.
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so sorry to know you are in great pain.I do hope you will feel much better tomorrow. At the moment i am not in much pain as the weather isnt very hot here. please let us know how you are we are all friends here. sleep well take care.
hi there,

I am so sorry you are in pain, I know how bad that is:there:. Has your doctor ever talked to you about pain control... I used to just take pain killers when I was really bad and then he put me on a regimen of taking pain pillers on a regular basis so that the pain didn't get a chance to get out of hand.... Maybe that is something you should talk to your doctor about.... It worked for me... I hope you wake up feeling better...

Love Penny

Our weather has been terrible here too. I know the pain you are talking about all to well.

Penny's advise about pain control is very good. You need to get on top of it or you will be chasing it all the time.

Hope your weather straightens out soon.

Take Care,
Sorry that you are having such a bad day today, i am too.
I woke up this morning and i could not stand upright or hardly walk, i had such pain pain around my chest and back that i could bearly breath. I am slightly better since taking my pain killers but still feeling terrible.

Hope things get better for you, just try and rest and take care of yourself.



Wow! It's great (or I suppose not so great for you all) to hear that the weather affects you the same as me. Our weather here in Michigan went wacky this week and I feel horrible (swelling, painful joints, the works).

I'm a teacher and still have kids until June 20th. I have air conditioning in my classroom and at home but it doesn't seem to matter. I've only been taking Tylenol which helps just a little. Sleeping has been a nightmare.

What type of pain medication is prescribed for this? I am currently on Plaquenil and Mobic, which does help, but not enough during this weather.

Everbody always wants to know why I don't get excited for Summer! This is why. :sad:

Thanks for sharing!

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I agree with the pain control. I'm taking the long lasting hydromorphome contin, the I have hydromorphone for break through pain. It works well. I was also on the Fentenyl patch for quite awhile, but I started getting rashes from the patch. It is certainly worth asking your doctor about.

Hope you are pain free real soon!

Day two of the flare has been just as bad

Well! A second day of pain and a second day of our major heat wave. Thanks everyone for wishing me well. Unfortunately I had back surgery several weeks ago which involved several nerves being repaired and with Lupus. Surgery and lupus for me does not work to well. It slammed me right into a major flare.
Last night my body got all numb and tingly. I had motor and sensory neuropathy along with muscle involvement. And what worries me now is after a nerve biopsy many years ago while trying to be diagnosed with lupus. Right after that I ended up getting massive CNS Lupus which required a long hospital stay.
I think my lupus is trying to attack my nervous system again. Woke up this morning and upped the prednisone, took a codiene pill. I am on alot of meds already and my doctors were trying to lower my dosages on many of them. Don't think so now! :( Called my doctor and they want to see me tomorrow and get some labs to see where I stand.
Heck! I know where I stand! Why can't our doctors just hear us out and not do labs all the time. I hate needles! Always have hated needles. Well anyway! I'm in a bad flare and I know! What's new huh? Was really bad off this morning and still all crunched up in my recliner in pain. Sure hope my meds work sometime today. Thanks for caring about me. :sad:
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