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Got Diagnosis not Lupus

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but just wanted to thank all of you for all the support that you have given to me over the past year. You have been such a strong support system always answering my questions and encouraging me to go on.

The diagnois I received was Mitochondiral Disease. A very rare disease that few people have.

I wish all of you the best of luck.

thanks again
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Hello there,

Well, I'm glad to hear that you finally got your diagnosis. I don't know anything about mitochondrial disease but I hope that it is treatable and that you will get relief from your symptoms.

the best of luck to you,
At least you can name your problems now. I hope you are feeling reasonably well. I'm sure you are still absorbing the news and how to deal with it longterm. Have they put you on meds to help! Take care and please keep posting!

Hi Marti,

I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis but at least now you have a name for your symptoms.

I had never heard of this condition so I googled and came up with this link below. I can see that alot of the symptoms could be confused with more than one auto-immune condition. Thank goodness your doctor(s) had heard of this.

I hope you now get the support and treatment you need. Don't be a stranger and keep us posted on your progress.

Hugz, :hug:

Pam xxx
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Hi Marti,

I am relieved to hear you have a diagnosis. You can begin proper treatment, and hopefully, begin feeling much better.

Take Care,
Hi Marti :hugbetter: It's been a long road for you and you have had so much testing, I'm glad we were able to encourage you to go on.

Now you have a name and a clearer path to follow. It certainly does sound like it was a confusing thing to diagnose, but I'm so glad they got there in the end. Who ended up diagnosing you in the end...........just curious in case we should happen to come across anyone else with this condition.

I found a group online that has contacts for Mitochondrial Disease so I hope in some small way this can help you:

lotsa love Marti :hug:

Hi Marty, I am glad that finally they have diagnosed you. Thank goodness that you were one of the lucky ones that have a smart dr.
I hope that you have started your meds, and I hope that you will be feeling well very soon. Do take care, and be well.
hi marti

glad to hear you now have a diagnosis ..sorry I don't know anything about it but I hope it's not too serious.
I hope you are coping ok,please let us know how you get on.

take good care...karen x :hug:
Hi Marti,

I am glad that you finally got a diagnosis and I hope they find an helpful treatment and you will start to improve. I have never heard of the disease but I read about it on the links that were posted. Plese keep us informed on how you are doing .:foryou: :foryou:

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