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OK. I have probably written this before but it bears repeating anyway. *THANK YOU* for all the support this Lupus Site brings, particularly about the 187,619 (by actual count:)) symptoms of autoimmune diseases. It is, for me at least, such a comfort to look at the the board and discover that I am not the only one with some off-the-wall symptom. With so many daft symptoms, it all comes down to Lupus.
Yesterday I was so vertigious that I could not get out of bed for hours on end. My wife phoned the church to let them know that I would not be able to take my part in the liturgy and, though I was disappointed, I knew that it would have been insane to try it. (I might have barfed on a parishoner.:eek:) And I knew that it was not either "all in my head" or some dread disease: it was just another manifestation of being attacked by Lupus. Here come the wolves..... again.
I also knew that it would pass. Besides, a rest day in bed is a beneficial thing for someone with SLE.
This site helps with information and fellowship. Maybe it even helps keep me sane and able to accept and live (rather well much of the time!) with the crazy autoimmune disease.
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Hiya Douglas

Just thought I would congratulate you on taking the wise decision to stay home thereby avoiding barfing on parishioners.

I have been a parishioner once or twice and I would not have appreciated it really.

I would have laughed if it landed on anybody else, of course, and felt very sorry for you, but the resulting split nose and tingy eyes from laughing would have been all your fault.

Hope you can work out which way up you are now. Vertigo is a terrible thing - especially when it is so bad it is making you nauseous. Hope you feel a lot better soon.

Take good care.

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I hear ya Douglas! When I was diagnosed I had no computer and it was before the internet had really got going. I had no idea what Lupus was when my Doc. told me I had it...but was VERY glad that after years of troubles he finally decided I did have a problem. Went through chemo without having ever talked with another Lupie. Got a computer a few years later and discovered message boards not too long after that. Think I went into depression when the LFA shut down what was a really cool board many years ago....still wonder where some of the people I knew went to, we all just scattered. Later I came across this one and have stuck around. LFA started another one a year or so ago, but it hasn't developed into what it once was, maybe in time.
Great choice not barfing at church! I did a Lupus walk Saturday. Wasn't feeling 100%...but I seldomly do, so I went and did it. Hot day at the beach, but luckily that while the fires out here were burning the smoke hadn't really got to the beach yet, so the air was OK. Later that day and Sunday it was really bad, the sun was orange, never would've walked in that air! Guess the Los Angeles walk raised close to $70,000.00, so we did alright. Tough year to try to get donations, I only raised half what I did last year.
Best Wishes, hope you get feeling better!

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