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Gum Problems and Cell Cept

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Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if it is common to develop large sores..on your gums while taking Cell Cept?

I have a crown, and on the gum line under the crown, I have a large sore..

I have an electric toothbrush, and did feel some discomfort while brushing away like an idiot!, but continued to brush with verosity..and now, this sore is large, and very uncomfortable.

As soon a I discovered it, I put some steroid paste on it..I use it on all my oral sores..I haven't had a sore this large, or deep in the past, however.

Should I wait a few days, and continue with the paste? I thought, that was a good plan..but maybe not?

Any input, is always very much appreciated. :)

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If it is particularly large and sore/unusual for you, then I would either go see my doctor or go see my dentist. I'd almost be more inclined to see the dentist than the doctor, but you may have to see both or at least contact your rheumy or GP.
Hi Sandy,:wavey:
I agree with Maia, you should get it checked out.

It sounds painful.:tears: I hope it heals fast for you.

Maia is correct, see the Dentist. When I get them the dentist applies a topical that numbs and then puts antibiotics in them to preven infection.

I have found that CellCept makes my mouth sores more inflamed than they were before, but the go away faster too.

Yes - many gum issues with Cellcept - although overall its been a huge help w/SLE. The dentist is the best help. My gums actually "split" open under the gum line as if it had been cut (painful & swollen). I had a large "gash" that wasn't closing. The dentist got me in within an hour of calling them & looked at it. He gave me a perscription blue rinse w/antibiotics inside it. But he had me apply it directly to the gum "gash" 3x daily for 2 weeks w/a long Q-tip. (Otherwise it would of turned any plaque on my teeth blue if I had rinsed w/it). It worked. I've had this occur multiple times with no real reason - no ones sure why but I do this each time & it closes & goes away & you cannot tell it was ever there. (The Dentist thinks perhaps my gums may become swollen just as my body does at times & split open from the stress. I floss daily & brush multiple times daily w/my Sonic-care too & it still happens!). Although honestly it really freaks my Dentist out as he's worried about working on my teeth & causing me any issues.

He also recommended "bio-rinse" which you can get at any drugstore to rinse w/during the day & at night. It gets rid of any bacteria in your mouth & adds healthy items back in to keep things "healthy".

Hope this helps & good luck at the dentist!
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Ouch Sandy! That sounds painful.

I have to say my heart sank when I read your post. My mouth problems have worsened considerably and I was hoping starting Cellcept would help me.

There is one part of my gum that is very tender but doesn't look inflammed. My 'magic mouthwash' isn't cutting it anymore so I use the steroid paste everyday and also hyrdrocortisone pellets. I know I need to see a dentist soon and you've helped me with the decision to make the appointment.

I hope you go to see your dentist and get some relief soon.

Hugz, :hug:

Pam xxx
Hi Sandy
I'm sorry to hear you are being plagued with this and hope you can get relief soon.
Many hugs
Wow! This is all interesting. I'm using Cellcept but so far haven't had any gum issues. I will count myself lucky!
I've been on cellcept now for about 6 months. I've had more cavities since being on cellcept, 4 to be exact. My dentist wrote me a prescription for prevident 5000 toothpaste. Has more flouride in it.
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