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Hello there BigSis,

I had noticed that you hadn't been around much. I'm sorry to hear that life has been so hectic and that you and those close to you have been having health worries.

Although my Dad went through both radiotherapy and chemotherapy at one stage I really can't offer any advice as I was over here in Belgium and not really "on hand" to see how he coped with it. If I remember rightly he found the "targetted" nature of radiotherapy very painful and for men that have never been ill in their lives and never been to a doc that can be quite distressing.

It's going to be very hard by the sound of it but I can't stress enough how important it is that you also look after yourslef through all this. Sometimes even when there is chaos one can force oneself to go and have a nap at a quiet time of the day. You might actually feel fine at the time because adrenaline etc. is keeping you going but you really musn't run down the reserves (no matter how small they are) that you have.

Sending plenty of strengthening hugs :hug:

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