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Had bad few days

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Had a bad few days and feel confused, upset and unsure what to think because of it.
On Thurs I woke up achy and headache as normal at the mo so I took some painkillers. At lunchtime my hubby came home for lunch and suddenly I felt really lousy. My head hurt and my legs went to jelly. I couldnt stand up. Th shakes then began. My legs seemed to have a mind of there own and the more i tried to control it the worse they got. If I tried to do stuff like pick things up my hands jioned in. I usually have a slight tremor in left hand.Hubby bungled me up and took me to A and E. By the time I was seen 2 hours later the shakes calmed down but started again if I tried to move.
I saw dr and he spoke to hubby who came back saying things like I'm internalising things and dr asked if I was stressed. I have been stressed but was feeling better that day. I had a lecture from doc about putting myself first and looking after no 1.
I felt 2 cm tall and wished I could go home. I felt he thought it was all in my mind. Maybe it is I have n't got a clue now.
He said I could go home. So i got ready but then he saw me walk, well wobble and shake and struggle to chair. He then decided I was nt safe to home and needed to be admitted. So I was.
Saw lots of docs ansd had lots neuro exams. They said they did nt have any answers.By fri I was ok but still could nt walk unaided and my shaking stopped. I begged to go home. My MRI I had in Dec was clear. I was discharged fri afternoon and the doc said it's not neuro but a muscular disorder but on my discharge note it says 'non organic presentation' which I gather is medical speak for all in my head.
Is everything pyschosomatic and how do you tell? Seeing rhuemie in Feb. Will he see this blip and think hypochondriac!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday I still can 't walk properly, I lose my balance and legs forget what they are doing and get stuck and today my joints hurt so much esp my hips. My hubby is paraniod about leaving me alone and me climbing stairs which are a nightmare but they have been for a while esp when tired.
He feels I need therapy and blames my childhood. It was nt the best childhood but loads of people have had worse. He's got all upset about things.
Just feel fed up and I hate doing nothing . Also worrying about work as I start course this week. You are only allowed 8 days of sick and I've had 4 already.
Sorry for rambling but needed to talk to someone.:worried:
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Hi purple snowflake

I am so sorry that you are having such a rough time. No wonder you feel fed up, when docs dont have the answers they are so quick to pin things on all in the mind. Which can be tough when we are feeling so ill and just desperate for answers.

Did the docs do any blood tests?

I would advise you to rest and not worry about course, but I know that this is easier said than done.

I am sure that if your rheum is a good doc he will listen to you and take your symptoms seriously.

Sending you get well wishes


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Hello Do you also have APS? That could well be the cause. I have been very much like you when my APS was bad. Also I am very clumsy at the best of times due to Lupus effects. I would not worry what the Docs. said they are not Lupus experts. Sometimes we get a funny situation where male Docs. seem to take pleasure in addressing our Husbands as "the reasonable one" and painting us as daft. This happened to me years ago and I no longer stand for it.
Love to you,
x Lola
Your symptoms remind me a lot of my dad when he had undiagnosed polymyalgia rheumetica. He described terrible hip pain and a strange weakness and was very nearly unable to walk, including great difficulty getting up from a chair. The pain then spread to his shoulders and at that point his doctor referred him to rheumatology. Bloodtests revealed sky high CRP and his symptoms were so classic for that disorder so he was diagnosed quickly and put on prednisone which eliminated his pain and symptoms within 2 days.

I'm not saying this is what you have... but there are a LOT of options out there for what could be causing this... and I would trust your rheumy's opinion more than a doctor or two at your local hospital that doesn't know you and quickly judges it to be likely due to stress/"in your head". I'm appalled at how quickly doctors reach this conclusion with women/female patients...

Best wishes for a great appointment and some answers/help for you soon. Please let us know how it goes.
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Thanks guys. I feel better knowing i'm not going mad. I'll see rhuemie soon and let him decide whats going on. I feel better but legs still do nt like walking and I feel sooooooo tired despite hubby doing eveything.
I'll have to see GP in the meantime as I do nt think i'll cope with work and driving there is out of the question anyhow. I just hope work is ok about it and i'll be able to catch up with my course later.
Thanks for everything. It helps that you are all there.
(((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))) get well wishs comming your way

take care Lin xxx:there:
Hi. Just quick update. Seen GP and she's considering steriods but wants advice from rhuemie first .She is also asking for me to be seen by rhuemie before feb so we'll see what happens.
Thanks agin and bye for now.

I was so relieved from your last post. I am glad you saw your GP and she is pushing to get you seen earlier with your rhumey.
Sounds like you have a good GP.

Take care and let us know how you get along.
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