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Short answer is that no, bleeding/haemorraging after childbirth or anything at all is not connected with APS in anyway.

APS causes clotting, not bleeding, so it is the opposite problem, even though the LA test shows a prolonged bleeding time, that's not what happens in the body. In our body our blood clots to readily rather than bleeding excessively. Confusing I know, but definitely true.

For those of us who are on anticoagulants (like coumadin) we can bleed too much, but that is because of the treatment, not the disease.

For early pg loss (miscarriage) to be considered a symptom of APS there needs to be at least about 3 or 4 (can't remember exactly) because early miscarriage is so common in the general population.

To be dx with APS you need to have a clotting event as well as positive labs.

Here is a great site about APS (the Brits call it Hughes, but it hasn't caught on elsewhere)


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