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I would treat my hair very, very gently and only use semi permanent colours. I would stay away from lightening products containing peroxide.

I have dyed my hair with semi permanent colours when ever I felt in the mood for years - either dark auburn or brown (I'm naturally medium brown / red) to reduce the overall effect of grey, slightly thinning hair.

However, since taking Plaquenil I find that semi permanent colours do not 'take' well, if at all, and do not last long. My hair seems to be going a shade lighter too. However, the conditioners that come with the semi permanents are excellent and really make my hair shiny.

Whilst i do not always get the desired effect, they don't seem to do any damage.

Permanent colours have always wrecked my hair, making it very dry, and altering its texture - even when it was healthy, so i steer clear of them.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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