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I am with Nancy on this one.... at 49 avoiding the grey or white in my case is my main adjective, but when I do have hair loss I treat my hair gently till it passes. I like my auburn color hair and color it with a medium auburn. Now if I could have my granddaughter's copper red, you bet your bottom dollar I would be coloring my hair that wonderful shade. But sadly I got the auburn color red at birth.

I tried going blonde but for too many reasons I stopped and went back to my natural color. The blondes seemed to hurt my hair more than having lupus did. All I do is thank God every day for my long thick hair and when I shed I thank God I have enough that right now I am not bald. :p

But I am like Nancy, you have to have fun just be careful and take care of you. And sometimes coloring your hair can be the lift you need.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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