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Hair dye...

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...Just a stab in the dark, but does anyone here have an allergy to hair dye? And if so, did you ever find out what the actual ingredient in it was that you were allergic to?
The slightest drop of the stuff makes me swell and have blisters, and I've just stayed clear but I'm wondering if this could be a specific allergy to something (or just my immune system running into hyper-drive!:hehe:).

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Hi Viridian,

There are that many things in hair dye that could cause a reaction you would be hard pressed to find out which ingredient it was. A lot of chemicals, ammonia in some too............the list goes on. I have the hairdresser do mine and get streaks these days so the dye doesn't actually touch my scalp.

Thanks Lily!
Last time it was the hairdresser, but that was an all over colour. Not sure I'd trust streaks even, just in case when I washed my hair I came out in it again! I used to love colouring my hair! :(
I've heard azo dyes can 'set' you off and that some dyes contain sulfides but I guess I'll never know! Just something else to mention to rheumy in case it helps I guess.
Thanks anyway.
Hi Viridian,

Before I was diagnosed I underwent allergy testing by a dermatologist. I tested positive for PDP or paraphenylenediamine which is found mostly in dark hair dye.

I am normally blonde but I had a reaction after the one and only time I decided to go brown.

Hope that helps,

Pam xxx
I'm not allergic to it - but I know some people are. I don't know that this is a lupus thing though, as I saw a programme on tv about this and quite a wide range of people have it.

I have been dying my hair forever as i love changing hair colours, it can make my scalp sting if I leave it on too long (so I am careful not to) but otherwise no problems here.

If you have problems, then there is no alternative to not using it, which sucks really.


Here's a really good article about it. The cross- reactions are very interesting
It's reckoned we are several times more prone to allergies than the general population. I forget how much - maybe 5X?

My specialist dermatologist told me not have any sort of hair colouring. Of course he would have felt responsible if he had said go ahead and I had had trouble. But I suppose he might have said "On your own head be it" (;))
If he had said "Go ahead" (;)) I might have still had misgivings but I'd have made sure I had the skin patch test and wouldn't have done it myself.
After all I once managed to come out with the most ghastly dermatitis all over face just from peeling a potato out of water.

Take care
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Hmmm...Thanks for the article Clare. I've found out that my rheumy app is on weds so I guess this might be another to add to my list! Hopefully, if I get referred to a dermy, I can ask for a test to be done for PPD (and others) so I can find out once and for all. Scary about the dentists and injections as I have had two teeth out recently and I reacted quite badly to that (whereas normally I dont - I only have 20 teeth left so I know what they are normally like. Lol!).
Sorry to the rest of you who cant dye your hair either. It's just one more little thing taken away.
Thanks all!
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