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hair loss

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Anyone have any experiences with hair loss and what to do about it?
Mine is really coming out a lot lately. I am trying to only wash every few days. I still have it shoulder length but it is fine to begin with and now it is sparse - at the part you can really see my scalp. I am just wondering if there are any tricks etc... that anyone could share on this.
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Getting on adequate treatment to control your disease is the best thing to treat hairloss. I am having a lot of hair loss at the moment myself, it's one of the clues I have to a more severe flare up of my disease. I try to shower/wash hair infrequently too (twice a week) but then it's almost harder when I see that volume of hair coming out. Even wringing my hair I pulled out a wad of at least 100 hairs with today's shower! Then combing it out I lost another 100 or so. Then all the hair on my pillow, etc. It can be so frustrating.

In the past, when it's gotten really bad, I've found a shorter hair style tends to cover up the hair loss better than trying to maintain a shoulder length or longer hair style.

It is usually lupus that is the culprit (or autoimmune disease) but you may want to ask your doctor about it to be sure if there isn't something else causing it. If there are lesions on your scalp, then there may be additional medications that would help beyond the traditional lupus/MCTD meds. (if I remember right - you have MCTD/RA/SLE). Medications can cause hair loss too of course.

Hope the hair stops falling out in such volume for both of us soon!
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Ji Enna,

I have constant hair loss! The only thing I do that does help is wash it less and keep it tied back unless I go out anywhere smart for the night (so rare), and less brushing! When tied back I do not have a parting in my hair, just sweep it back then gaps do not get seen, just my hairline shows the loss. I must say its only really me that notices!

I have some hair loss on the front of my scalp (hairline) which I think is permanent as I never get any regrowth like on the rest of my scalp. Where the rest falls out I do see lots of short hair of different lengths, but even this falls out very easily. It seems as if me hair is lose at the roots and the more friction/pulling the more that will fall out!

To cover the sparse bit at the front I wear a hat! The warmer months are coming and I'm now finding it hard/immpossible to locate hats that are practical and light weight without looking like I need to be on a beach!

Take care,
Hair Loss

Hi Jenna i also suffer from hair loss it is mostly round my hair line and each side i try and wash it every other day. i also get it cut short to try and hide it. I think we ourselfs are more conciouse about it than others Best Wishes Elisabeth:)
good thing about losing 2/3 of my hair was that it did grow back! eventually... but it did! lol

i resorted to hair pieces that clipped on to my 1/4" pony tail, or just wore hats....

it's depressing.... i know....
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