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Ji Enna,

I have constant hair loss! The only thing I do that does help is wash it less and keep it tied back unless I go out anywhere smart for the night (so rare), and less brushing! When tied back I do not have a parting in my hair, just sweep it back then gaps do not get seen, just my hairline shows the loss. I must say its only really me that notices!

I have some hair loss on the front of my scalp (hairline) which I think is permanent as I never get any regrowth like on the rest of my scalp. Where the rest falls out I do see lots of short hair of different lengths, but even this falls out very easily. It seems as if me hair is lose at the roots and the more friction/pulling the more that will fall out!

To cover the sparse bit at the front I wear a hat! The warmer months are coming and I'm now finding it hard/immpossible to locate hats that are practical and light weight without looking like I need to be on a beach!

Take care,
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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