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Hair & Nails?

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Hope everyone is doing well.

Can anyone answer a couple of queries? How does lupus effect your nails as i have recently developed a white curved line across my finger nails just under the white tip at the top and i have also noticed that some of my moons have disappeared.

Also my hair has been thinning quite alot lately not to the point where i have big bald patches but i cant wash my hair without having quite a few in my hand after.:worried:

Any experts out there?

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Hi Lou,

Nails can sometimes give clues that something is wrong. Certain ridge formations, lines, and discolorations can point to certain problems. You should definitely mention this new development during your next appointment.

I tend to lose my hair when the disease is out of control. It has always grown back once I became more stable. You should check out the "Looking Good, Feeling Better" forum for some tips from members.

Take care,
I can't help much with the nails as I have for the past 6 months keep mine painted so I don't have to look at them and also the give them some stregnth. I have always had what I call rub nails lol, Laugh I do. What I mean is they are very weak and break at the first hit on something. They have been this way most of my life. They also curve if I don't keep them cut down. I can cut my nails and in a few days have to do it yet again.

The hair, yes I have the same thing. I have always said that I am now thankful for the 2 heads of hair I was born with as I have lost most of the first one lol. I do have bald spots if I part my hair right you can see them, so what do I do? I don't part it so they can be seen. One day I will be like my uncle george and be combing the back of my hair forward so it looks like I have hair again lol. Sorry had to share that image with all of you. I hope that you are feeling well and doing well otherwise.
Hi Lou,

I have long nails which are very very strong, but are heavily vertically ridged and have strange cloudy white patches. I used to have gel put on them to protect them, but it has started coming off quicker and quicker so a waste of time and money. I think its the meds. I also shed hair when I flare, but no bald spots yet, thank heavens.

Hope this helps.

Well Lou I dont know that there is any quick cure for hair thinning/baldness. I have been dealing with this for some time now with no end in sight. The doctors say once they can get my illness under control then it will start to re grow. They had better hurry up or I will be one bald woman.:lol:

My nails are very weak and have definite ridges that run from the cuticle vertically to the edge of the nail. I also have issues where the nail will split right down the middle and my nails are not long. I have never been one to have strong, long nails. Mine are short, stubby and not very pretty.

I have heard that Gelatin makes the nails healthier but that has not worked for me either. I just tossed in my towel long ago and decided I will never have nice nails.
Thanks folks for your replies. Its great to be able to speak to people who actually understand. My nails dont worry me too much but i dont mind admitting i can be quite vain sometimes and losing my hair is something you dont think will happen to you. I think its about time I cut back on my straighteners and tried other ways to cut back on the frizz.

Oh and the first weekend we have a bit of sun and BANG the rash decides to show its head.

Oh lazylegs ive had a look on 'Looking good, feeling better', theres some useful tips. Thanks

Take care all

Hey Lou

one of my earlier symptoms apart from the fatigue and aches and pains was thinning hair I rememeber when I changed to my present hairdresser the first time she cut my hair when she combed it after washing she was horrified at what was coming out. Just lately it has been quite thin and my hairdresser advised me to cut it shorter and I am glad I did, it was getting to the point that hair clips that would normally stay in were slipping out.

I also get ridges across my nails rather than the length of them. They can be quite deep too this usually leads to weak nails that rip quite low down (that hurts) so I try to keep up with the multivits and use some special stuff on my nails. Usually helps.

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