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Hi all,

I need some hair style advice.
I have never done much with my hair. It has always been is mid brown, straight and sholder length but I caught site of myself walking past a refective window the other day and I realised I had to do something about it.
Through Lupus and steroids and always being chubby, my face now looks like a tomato and my hair is thin and a getting a bit straggly.

I would love a hair do that made my face look a little less round and hid my 12 dozen chins. Also a colour that dulled my red glow.

Any advice?


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Hi K

I know exactly how you feel!! I experiment with my hair all the time to take my mind off my large round tomato face, not sure if that helps except to know that you are not alone in that feeling.

I had mine cut into a bob, longer at front to disgiuse roundness and shorter at back so can manage. At present I have blond highlights in my brown hair to add interest or to make people look at my hair rather than my face. It works my hubby and teenage son think I look like a badger now!!!

So am probably not best person to advise you.

I do know that a good cut helps with the hair loss and thinness and just generally gives you a much needed boost.

Hope you feel better soon


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I have the exact same style as just posted too. I just got it cut and colored about a month ago, from my natural mouse brown color to a deeper brown color and from shoulder length to the style mentioned (straight and shorter at the back and longer in the front). I love it - I had reached the same point as you when I just looked in the mirror and decided I had to go to a nice salon and treat myself to a new and professional hair-cut!

I have also had it cut very short at times too when my lupus had flared badly and I had lost a lot of hair - & loved it short too. Sometimes a very short haircut can be very flattering too, and fun.

Hope you figure something great out for yourself that you will love. If you're brave just give your stylist some free license and see what she suggests or what happens ;)

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hi Kit Kat,
If you go to a hair stylist they have books to see different styles. Plus you can explain your feelings on what you want to make your face look thinner.
I too think some great hightlights will brighten you up . Good stylists will recommend and help. Wouldn't hurt. Good luck and let us know how it works out.

Hugs, Florie:rose:

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