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Hannah has been sick.......

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:( Seem like a whole month that Hannah has been sick.:sick: :jab: First she was vomiting over and over until my sister (who has the doctor's ok for a suppository to stop the vomiting) She got better from that and went back to school, the next day she was back home sick with strep throat and a fever:mad: ...She got over that and went back to school, now she is back home with a fever and difficulty breathing and a severe cough. Some kind of virus the doctor says but she also has asthma so she is getting regular breathing treatments.:worried: She has had such a bad month, her spirits are up despite missing school and field trips and her friends. So, now she is sick over Easter, she was in her pj's when mom and I took her some easter pj's over and Gracie too of course. Hannah has always been sickly, ever since she was a tiny baby...Grace was always ear infections then tubes in her ears, but Hannah always has some pretty dramatic symptoms, normal symptoms but way exaggerrated. I would appreciate any prayers, good thoughts for Hannah's health, and that she feel better soon.:flower2: Thank you, Karly
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Hi karly

I am sorry to hear hannah is poorly :sad: it's most worrying when children are sick.

sometimes children do seem to go through a phase of 'catching' one thing after another :worried: especially winter time....this has certainly been the case for my eldest daughter (nearly 13) in fact I am currently awaiting the results of some blood tests she had recently just to check everything out.

karly I hope hannah feels better very soon,hopefully she will soon be tucking into her easter eggs :)

try not too worry too much,easier said than done I know :rolleyes:
sending her a big healing hug :hug:
take care...karen x
HI Karly one of my grandsons has been the same he just seems to get over one thing then another problem pops up but it never gets him down and he is only 6 i would rather be sick myself than any of my grandchildren so give her a big hug from me :) :) elisabeth
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