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*~* Happy Birthday Jen79! *~*

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Happy Birthday Jen and Many Happy Returns



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Happy Birthday Jen,

Hope you have a wonderful day.:bday:

hugs, Florie :hapbirth:
Happy birthday Jen, have a lovely birthday

best wishes Lin xxxxxxxxxxxxx:hehe:
Happy Birthday Jen

Happy Birthday Jen and sure hope your

day is everything you want it to be.

I hope baby and you are doing good:):)


:hapbirth: :hapbirth: :hapbirth:

:hug: :hug:
I hope you had a very special day.:)
Happy Birthday Jen!!

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. I was having a wonderful pregnancy until last Wedesday when I started bleeding really bad due to my placenta separated some and tore They thought they were going to have to take the baby at 31 weeks. Now I am on bed rest and having to go to doc every 2 days. Doc gave me steriods to develop his lungs. Keep me in your thoughts and I hope to be on more soon.

Hi Jen ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) I'm sorry to hear of your latest scare but sure hope that with the bed rest etc. that you can go on a bit longer with the pregnancy :luck: :luck: :hugbetter: Stay warm and tucked up in bed...........boring I know but do you have a laptop that would be a bonus ;)

much love,
((((((((((((Jen)))))))))))))) :hugbetter:

I'm really sorry to hear about what happened. :( It must have been incredibly scary for you all....

My mum had to stay in bed for seven out of the nine months when she was pregnant with me and her placenta abrupted on the 5th month. She was put on meds and even though she was very scared I would be born very prematurely; that wasn't the case and I was born at the beginning of the 40th week!

By the way, because my mum wasn't allowed to lift weigths at all during the time she stayed in bed, including heavy books, she's told me she used to take the spines off books and read them 20-40 pages at a time! Not sure if you have that problem but that might be something you could do if you do...

In any case, make sure you get lots and lots of rest; maybe catch up on all the soaps and movies that are out now and try to take good care of yourself! :)

Sending loads and loads of hugs your way :grhug: :grouphug2:


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Sorry to hear you are having troubles with the baby but sure glad you have a good doctor from the sounds of it and praying things come out okay for you and baby(((((hugs)))).Maybe next year you can enjoy your birthday with your beuatiful baby :).take care jen and please let us know how you and baby are doing please.

Dearest Jen

Im sorry to hear about what happened. Bed rest, bed rest, bed rest... Its no fun but its really important. Every day that goes by is a day safer for baby to be born.

Wishing you the best of luck and I hope you find something to help with the boredom of bed rest. Fingers and toes crossed that everything works out fine for you and baby :hug:

Luv n stuff
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