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Disability Workbook for Social Security Disability Applicants 6th Edition
Quote:"Product DescriptionThe handbook includes two texts that once were sold separately: “The Disability Handbook For Social Security Applicants” and “Disability Evaluation Guide for People with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Writing Medical Reports to the Social Security Administration.” Included in this once text are chapters on what SSDI is, how to prove disability, appealing an unfavorable SSA decision, worksheets, frequently asked questions, and various SSA notices and pamphlets. There also is a section on what happens after you win benefits: overpayments, disability reviews, and returning to work. This invaluable guide has been used by thousands of people who needed help understanding and navigating the SSDI system. Written by Douglas Smith, Attorney at Law and produced by Physicians’ Disability Services, Inc. (2005 – includes 2006 supplement) 137 Pages."

The book costs amost $20 and just wondered if it REALLY was worth it. It sounds good but.... If its only for Lupus Patients with organ involvement... or doesn't really give practical information.
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