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Has my life really got to change?

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Hi all,

The title says it all....i am off sick from work (have been for the last 2 1/2 months). I had an appointment with my works occupational health docotr and he says if im no better when i see him next month (27th January) he will have to do a report to my work telling them he considers i need to retire on the grounds of ill health.
I know work cant wait forever for me to get better but i am now on steroids (6th day today), although i woud say i haven't noticed any improvement.
Im so frustrated with sle......i so want to be well, i so want to be back at work, i don't want to have this illness force me to lose my job. I have been there for 22 years.
When the doctor told me they will sack me soon so best to go for ill health retirement i burst into tears. He said i maybe able to get another job in the future......but.........i dont want another job, i want my job, it is more to me than just a job, it is a huge part of my life, its all i have known my whole working life, i have lots of friends there and i will miss them all so much.


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does my life really have to change?

Thank you all for your replies.....after reading your posts it has made me realise i am still in denial about having sle.

Thinking back over the last year i have said to my husband on quite a few occasions that i am fed up having to drag myself into work when i feel so poorly. He reminded me i also said when im having better days i want to enjoy my life and not have to work. I think im just fed up being ill and fed up with struggling to get through everyday. Sure this time of year (christmas) isn't helping with my mood as i want to enjoy my christmas and stop feeling rubbish.

I went to my own doctor yesterday and he has signed me off sick for another month, he agrees with occupational health doctor that with my current state of health im not well enough to work. So maybe i will learn to accept this illness in time, maybe i will adjust my life and start living it rather than just struggling and exisisting in it.

I am part time already and work and they have already agree to me working from home on days im too ill to go in but ok to work a i know they have been very reasonable to me....not much more anyone can's all down to how i respond to the steroids i guess.

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