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Has my life really got to change?

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Hi all,

The title says it all....i am off sick from work (have been for the last 2 1/2 months). I had an appointment with my works occupational health docotr and he says if im no better when i see him next month (27th January) he will have to do a report to my work telling them he considers i need to retire on the grounds of ill health.
I know work cant wait forever for me to get better but i am now on steroids (6th day today), although i woud say i haven't noticed any improvement.
Im so frustrated with sle......i so want to be well, i so want to be back at work, i don't want to have this illness force me to lose my job. I have been there for 22 years.
When the doctor told me they will sack me soon so best to go for ill health retirement i burst into tears. He said i maybe able to get another job in the future......but.........i dont want another job, i want my job, it is more to me than just a job, it is a huge part of my life, its all i have known my whole working life, i have lots of friends there and i will miss them all so much.


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Jane, I'm sorry. I know from recent experience that even if you THINK you want to leave work because of having so much pain and fatigue, once you do it takes a lot of adjusting. But I will tell you that I now have recurrant nightmares about trying to work and not being able to perform. These are caused by months of staying in my job but not being able to perform well because of lack of concentration due to pain and meds.

Is it better to work yourself to a more severe illness or have to quit when you first get sick? There is no answer to that. Its tough, but what you have to do is put yourself first. Part of the dificulty of this disease that in someways we feel (and definitely look) as though we're not really that sick. We don't normal die of Lupus, we just feel like we're going to. And who hasn't worked on despite feeling sick when we've had colds, viruses, etc. When you in many ways just feel like you have a mild flu, its hard to see it as a career ending illness.

So I'm afraid I have no tried and true answers for you, just know that there are many others out there with the same feelings. We really DO understand how you feel.
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