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Hashimotos Encephalopothy?

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Hi All,
I wasn't sure where to put this so I hope its rouhgly in the right place.
As some of you know I have type 1 diabetes since age 2 yrs, then diagnosed hashimotos thyroiditis in Feb this year and then diagnosed with MCTD in June.
I have really been suffering and am not yet at a place where I feel I have any stability within the disease.
I have had lots of problems with short term memeory and cognitive disfunction. Mixing up words forgetting familiar words, visual bits and pieces. This has even very seriously affected my mediacations. One of the worst examples I can think of is that I was doing my insulin the other day (I have two pens, one for each tiyoe of insulin) I did my injection, put my pen back in its case and withind that few seconds I had completely forgotton which one I had given. I aslo think that I have on a few occaisions had some auditory hallucinations.
I ave had a brian scan in the last few months which was normal.
Anyway I went to see my endicrinologist last week and explained all of these different brain symptoms and said I wasn't sure if this was medication diabetes, thyroid or MCTD related although I did say that I knew that neurological presentations are rare in MCTD.
He said that he had wondered in my case due to my high levels of anti thyroid anti bodies whether I may be a candidate for hashimotos encephalopothy. Anti TPO ranges are 30 is enough to diagnose, 40 is considred high and my level was 440. From whta I have read high levels of the antibodies like this can spill overn into the brai and cause nerological problems. I have been referred to a neurologist. My endoc did say that this is very difficult to diagnose.
I guess I just feel like how is this possible, yet another autoimmune problem. I am also becoming convinced in my self that the disease is going to change into SLE, especially as my Rheumy said "for now we'll call it MCTD just because of the anti rnp antibodies and absence of anti dsna.
I ahve also noticed that although not terrible my kidney function is not as good as it has been. I am going to have a microalbuminuria screen so it will be interesting to see what that shows up.
Ooohhh. Whatever next.

I hope everyone else is doing o.k and sorry for all of those who are not.

Thanks for listening

Cassie :)
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Hi All,
As I hadn't had any reply to this post just wrote in it again and changed the title!

Has anyone had experience of Hashimotots Encephalopothy or anything that may cause this ytpe of neurological symtom.?

Take Care

Cassie :)
Hello Cassie
We do have a member recently diagnosed with HE
Here's a link to her profile and you can check out her previous posts and one very recent one where she gives the news of her HE diagnosis.
Thanks very much Clare! I will go and check this out.

Take Care

Cassie :)
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