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Hi all...Been sick and not around much. I went to Rheumy and my antidsdna is not high so unfortunately its not a lupus flare (that would make sense) I have been having fevers of over 100 for 2 days not consistent though my normal temp is 97.5 baseline. Anyway my blood work for over 2 years every 3 months have my IGM high twice the high limits, so I have been looking it up and found Hyper IGM, has anyone ever heard of this? It also presents itself with a high ANA but my doctor just says its inflamation nothing I have read refers to IGM as imflammation (sp) so I am confused. I also don't feel good all my labs are crazy
high IGM high wbc high MCV low Bun Creatine High C reactive protien and others I can't remember, ANYWAYS I am asking if any one has any thoughts or opinions re this I have also show traces of protien in urine for over 2 yrs but I guess its ok cause DR doesn't seem to concerned with all these abnormal labs I just can't convince myself its a fibro flare, I am soooo confused and soo not feeling good, any thoughts are appreciated!!
I hope all is well!!
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Have they tested you for mononucleosis yet? High IgM can be found with this and it can present in much that way overall. Although I wouldn't think it would keep the IgM high for two years, which I think is what you're saying.

Oh, and ds-dna cannot be relied upon to determine if you are having a lupus flare. It's far from a high correlation - and can be raised during periods of relative wellness and lowered when in an acute flare.

Low BUN and creatinine are actually good things to have ;) Means you are well hydrated (usually) and your kidneys are working exceptionally well respectively.

As for hyper-IGM, what I have read about it is that you would normally also be found to have low IGA and IGG levels, and most typically will have low neutrophil counts. It is also a very rare immune disorder, and would usually have been diagnosed in early childhood if not infancy due to recurrent infections. If you're really concerned, I would ask your doctor about it, or about why he believes the IgM is raised due to inflammation only.
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