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Hi there,
You have had some good advise there but just to add to this...
In general we tend to put these people on a pedastool, when really they are only human and are no better than you or i. I too have had a few run in /difference of opinions with one and i found the best way to deal with these people is to firstly keep calm,then firmly and very politely put your point across.
All too often have i kept my mouth shut and cowardly shyed away from conflict then went home n cried and stressed over it.Worrying what this one and that one will think of me.
Slowly but surely with my husbands guidance i have slowly learned the art of sticking up for myself in a very respectful manner. (This can take quite some practice and confidence) but trust me the benefits are very rewarding.
Dont let them take your power away,reclaim it in a nice way.
Its the only way to be taken seriously with regards to this illness.As many of us here will tell you we have had a long road to diagnosis and it aint been smooth.
As for the nurse,making these people aware of their behaviour usually embarasses them into a corner.A very simple "oh your obviously having a bad day" in a nice manner ofcourse,usually does the trick for me.
Good luck and i wish you lots of confidence to deal with these so called "professionals".
Luv Gwennie x
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