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The pain management doctor, if a good one, will realize there is a difference between physical dependence (which you probably do have... which just means your body is accustomed to having this drug every so many hours and you would in fact go through withdrawal if you went off it) versus addiction or using the drug for a high or for purely emotional reasons.

Your rheumy was incorrect to use the term addiction with you, and I think anybody would be offended by that nurse. No one knows the kind of pain we live with every day, and we deserve to be treated for that pain. The pain management doctor should understand that and will hopefully develop a plan that will work for you possibly changing your medication to a better one if this one has stopped working well for you.

It is very important though that you do your refills exactly as instructed and take medication exactly as instructed once you are with a pain management doctor - they are very strict with those kinds of things and will even have a contract with you about your use of any medications they prescribe.

Try not to worry too much - the pain management doctors are generally speaking very good and will work with you.
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