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You do need to convey all that has been going on with you and not try and overwhelm that doctor with too much information at once. It is important that he know what is the main problems with you at this time. It maybe a matter of starting fresh and trying some new things to see what will work for you. I would try and list all the current problems you are having right now and another list of what has happened with you in the past that is or have been a problem in the past.
It is important to rest as often as possible as the body has to charge more often for those of us with extreme fatigue. You do not always have to sleep to rest but sitting down with your feet up for an hour or two often can give you enough to do another couple of hours of things. When you are resting try to change positions like every half hour to keep the stiffness down and the joints going. Let the doctor know if these things are a real problem for you right now, as they sometimes can put you on meds to help with some of this.
Take a breath and relax as getting worked up about the up coming appointment will not help much but do be ready for that day and have everything you do want him to know listed on a sheet of paper as it will move things along and make good use of your appointment time with the doctor. I do wish you the best and remember to be knowledgable about any tests the doctor order for the next appointment so you will know what the doctor is talking about. It is a life long education with having lupus and you never stop learning about it. I hope you feel better soon.
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