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heart murmur

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my gp checked listened to my heart over and over again and thought she heard a murmur. she asked me if i ever had an ultrasound and i said yes.

she looked over my records and had a copy of the results and said it was benign. has anybody ever exprience this. should i get another ultrasound in the future, what are the dangers of having a heart mumur. thanks
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There is such thing as an 'Innocent Heart Murmour'! My youngest son has this and although when they listen to his heart the noise (swishing sound) is there, the ultrasound definately ruled out anything! The Specialist said that to the unexperieinced hearing the swishing noise could be suspected murmour, but there is a definate difference in the low and high noises of the swishing noise.

You obviously had a previous ultrasound which was negative, but if youre still concerned book for another ultrasound if you can afford it or insurance covers it. There is no harm in getting a second opinion!
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