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heart murmur

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my gp checked listened to my heart over and over again and thought she heard a murmur. she asked me if i ever had an ultrasound and i said yes.

she looked over my records and had a copy of the results and said it was benign. has anybody ever exprience this. should i get another ultrasound in the future, what are the dangers of having a heart mumur. thanks
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The majority of people who have heart murmurs have benign heart murmurs and they cause them no problems and no symptoms. It is worthwhile to get follow-up echocardiograms/ultrasounds periodically to make sure it stays the same. Every 3-5 years is sufficient if you have a benign heart murmur (most typically it is MVP= Mitral Valve Prolapse).

I have two slightly leaky valves (mitral and tricuspid) and have not had any problems from them in 20+ years. ;) I too have been taken off the pre-dose of antibiotics at the dentist due to different recommendations which I personally am quite happy about and hope it stays that way!
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