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I have been without a computer and sure have missed stopping in
here to see what is going on...

For those who may remember me ...

Since last stop I am doing better... my brain surgery recovery is
going well...still get dizzy and walk with a swagger of a drunken sailor..
I suffer from what we have termed Wonky Head to go along with
lupus brain fog... makes for interesting days sometimes...I am losing
the hearing in my one hearing ear... the inside is puffy
infection...neuro put me on higher pred dose to combat that and
it has in turned lessened lupus aches and pains... beginning a taper
off and go back to him Febuary19 for recheck ...

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in early December
and had a mastectomy two days before Christmas... she starts
radiation tomorrow... I feel sucky because between the lupus
and getting super tired since the surgery I am just not there
as much as I should be ... I do what I can but doesn't seem
like enough...she is doing good... they think they got it all
out and are zapping the area to make sure any minute bit
they missed is killed

Got a new grand baby January 9th... she was our holiday cheer...
my sister missed Christmas because she couldn't get off enough
time to drive the 500 miles home , my dad had open heart surgery
and veins in his neck replaced with veins out of his leg then mom's
surgery ...2 year old grandson tumbled off porch and broke his nose
and then she came along to make us smile a little...

Everyone is on the mend but she came at a time we all needed
her...babies can be magical

I will do some reading and catching up later... just glad to be able
to pop in here again

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Wow Soundy what an active time you've been having!

It all sounds terribly up and down but hopefully things will settle a bit now and you'll get a smoother ride for a while :)

I'm glad to hear that the brain surgery recovery is going well and also lovely to hear about that new baby - it sounds like she came at a really special time for everyone.

warm good wishes to all of you,

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Hi Soundy

Its lovely to hear from you again but goodness what an eventful time you have been having:eek: .

Im so sorry to hear about your mother but glad to hear her prognosis is good. Its a long journey though and I'm sure you are worn out by it all.

What a wonderful antedote your little granddaughter must be to all of this:)

I hope that pred taper is as gentle as possible on you:hugbetter: Let us know how you get on with your neuro next month. Fingers and toes crossed for the hearing problems

Much love and strength

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Gosh Soundy, things sure have been tough for you and yours lately:( . I am glad to hear you are recovering well, and I hope the ear problem clears up completely soon. Please try to take it extra easy as you are tapering off of the pred., that can be so challenging. I hope your little grandsons nose is healing nicely, and your mom and dad mend quickly as well:) . Congratulations on that little sunbeam! Sounds like she was exactly what was needed:lol: Have fun spoiling her.

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welcome back soundy, im glad to hear that your mothers prognosis is good

please try to take things easy as youre still recovering from your surgery

i just wanted to wish you well take care

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Wow Soundy,:eek:

What a hetic time you have had.

I am glad everyone is on the mend.

Grandbabies are the best medcine for everyone.:)

Take care,
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