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Hello all

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Just wanted to say hey as I'm new here. I was diagnosed with lupus just over a year ago. I also have antiphospholipid antibodies (they won't actually diagnose me with Hughes syndome unless/until I have a blood clot) and irritable bowel syndrome.

What else? I'm 27, I have worked full time until now but am currently working out part-time hours with my employer as the fatigue is getting too much to deal with. I'm reasonably cheerful about it all as my family and friends are very supportive but some days I desperately want to talk to someone who really gets it; i.e. someone else with lupus, so that's why I'm here.

Much love to you all,
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Hello Kate and welcome :)

It is good to be able to share things with people that understand, especially on those less good days where we really need to let it out but don't necessarily want to burden those that can't understand.

The people here have been absolutely wonderful and a great support to me.

I hope you enjoy being with us,
bye for now,
Hi Kate :)

Welcome to the Forum. It sounds like you have a very positive attitude and that will help you tremendously in the long run. Its great that you also have supportive family and friends but its true what you say - sometimes its just great to talk to others who 'get' it. Thats the brilliant thing about the Lupus Site:)

I have also had to negotiate shorter hours after many years of working full time. It was a tough decision and it means less money but the fatigue was just too much for me to continue.

Welcome again Kate and I look forward to getting to know you

Take care for now
Hi Kate

Welcome to the forum.
You will find plenty of other Lupies to talk with for advice and encouragement or just someone to listen to your worries. We are all here for each other.

Take care
Ann xx
Hi Kate :hello: :wavey: :hello:

First of all
to the lupus site.

I am Jo, i live in the UK, i am 33 and was dx with lupus in may 2004. I have a few other things going on too, i have had 2 DVT's and a clot in my groin, i have a rare blood disorder called 'low anti-thrombin 3 level', they are not sure if i have hughes or not cos the only way to find out is to come off my warfarin for at least a month and truthfully it ain't worth it, if i have got it i am already on the meds that they would put me on anyway.

I am really pleased to hear that you have alot of support from your family and friends but i really do understand you when you say that some times you need to chat with people who actually know and have experienced what you are going thru. Even with support from family & friends it can feel really lonely.

I hope you manage to get the support, help and care from this site that you need and require.

Take care :hug: Jo :hug:
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:welcome: Kate you will get a lot of support on this site sometimes as you said that you just want some support from others with the same problems i know i get a lot out of the site so hope to hear from you again Elisabeth
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