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Hello and welcome!

I'm so glad you have come and joined us here as I can really identify with what you're saying about being a private person and that can make lupus a very lonely affair.

I must admit that I actually get all my support (except the wonderful unquestionning support from my hubby) here on this site. Around where I live there are definitely no support groups and no-one has ever heard of lupus.

Maia has given you good advice concerning depression and you feeling so down right now. I think it is also very important to make sure the docs know exactly how we are feeling. Many of us tend to sort of put up with feeling bad and being in pain as we get used to thinking that nothing can be done to improve things.

Often I find that explaining to a doc exactly what I can't do due to pain or another symptom seems to make the symptom more important to the doc and he/she will then act on it more. I think that most of us need to learn to complain a lot more. It is also quite common to need medication to be adjusted after a while as it can become less effective and need changing slightly.

sending loads of positive thoughts and hugs winging your way,
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