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hello everyone

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Just wanted to say hi and that I've only chatted in this room a couple of times, I really felt welcome ! Thankyou !
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Hello GSD and welcome :)

How about telling us a little about yourself? promise I'll refrain from biting :lol:

Hi there and a big :welcome: to the forum!

Looking forward to getting to know you :)


Hello GSD. I am going to be really clever here and ask if your user name is because you like German Shepherd Dogs.I might be totally wrong though!
In any case, Big Welcome.
x Lola
Thanks everyone for the big welcome

thankyou Lola ! You are right ! It is for German Shepherd Dog. I have one. She is an assistance dog and her name is Atrice
Thanks everyone for the big welcome

Thanks for :)the welcome Katharine and Zoi. Hope to chat with you soon !
Welcome to the forum GSD

It was good to chat last night. I hope you will find the support encouragement and information here that will help you get much better medical care. It helps already to know there's a place where people understand and listen.

Bye for now :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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