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Hello everyone

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Sorry i havent been around to much...

I was just wondering if anyone ever suffer with their feet ...I am having the most dreadful bone pain...its so bad some days i can hardly walk...

I am back on the metho but looks like the cyclo will be redone again...i cant beleive its a year in April since i ahd the first treatment...I am sorry to say lots of teh symptoms have reppeared...numbness vision problems forgetting..but we have to keep smiling hey..

Hope everyones as well as they can the way teh forum looks wonderful x x
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Hello chris, i have probs under feet, had weeks of physio on them, but still they hurt, they say its my tendons, and becsue of the lupus hard to resolve sorry, dont know weather were the same, i do the exercises just hopeing it helps, no it doesnt but still i do them. sorry sle sucks, i still but the heel pads in shoes they tell me to use, but atill it hurts.........

take care Lin xx
Yeah, bone pain in the feet, the knees and all the way up the phemur . :eek:
Christine, I just wanted to say Hello. You have not had it very easy for the last year or so. Mercifully, I don't suffer much with my feet. I am racking my brains trying to think if I know anything that will help.
x Lola
Thank you for your my mum always says we have a lot to be thankful for and theres always someone worse off...its true...thank you for saying hello x x
Hi Christine,

Sorry to hear things aren't great for the moment.

I have had enormous trouble with foot pain. I have two types. One caused by neuropathy where it is more the "skin" than seems to hurt but it's a very sharp and unbearable pain. That has been hugely improved with tegretol (carbamazepine).

The other is from tendon problems. It feels like my heel bone is broken but it is actually the "attachment" (sorry translation there) of the achilles tendons which is inflamed. It is unbelievably painful and I haven't yet found the solution - apparently there might not really be one.

I have a lot of tendon problems in general, wrists, hands, shoulders, hips, knees, you name it, there are tendons all over the place!

Sorry I don't have any constructive comments really.

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I get foot pain too. I find rest and hot baths/hot water bottles best.

Hope it starts to get more bearable for you soon.
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