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hello friends, old and new!

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Well...I think the last time I posted a thread was back in May. I am long overdue!! At that time, I was doing poorly and needed a reduction in work. I was able to get donated sick hours (160 hours to get me started!) and took at least 10 hours per week so that I only had to work 30 hours/week at the most. It helped a lot in reducing my fatigue.

Since then...I have gotten a new job (same employer, but new location and position) working at a great natural park. I get to be outside whenever I want and I feel less like I am in the city. The only thing tough about this job is that sometimes I need to walk the trails in the park, but don't feel very well. Other times though, I am thankful for the opportunity to get some relatively easy exercise during my work hours :) This job is only 30 hours/week and I get paid more than my last one, so no loss of income for me! Yay!

My lupus is status quo for the moment. Still on plaq, pred, mtx (higher than I used to be) and other stuff. I decided to donate my hair back in June because it was too much of a burden for me anymore...cut off about 10-11 inches and haven't looked back once! I've been keeping it above my shoulders since then. Sometimes I miss being able to braid it, but it sure makes shampooing a lot easier. Currently, I'm dealing with a cold that I've had for 10 days now...and it sparked a suspected SLE flare about 3 or 4 days ago (complete with the joint pain/stiffness, chest pains, low grade fever, etc.). Rheumy says I need to see my GP to rule out an infection before we treat the flare, otherwise it could make things worse. I'm being stubborn and am sick of going to doctors for silly things like COLDS. Haha.

Outside of that stuff, I am doing alright! The winter has been GREAT with lots of snow (such a surprise out here!) that made me feel like I was back home. I don't have too much exciting news to report, but wanted to say hi and report that I am alive :) I hope you all are managing well. I will be around more these days since I have upgraded and gotten the internet at home (yay!).

Take care,
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Hi Kit,

I was thinking about you the other day and then happened to see you online. Glad to hear the work problem was solved. Maybe now you can get more rest.

Enjoy the snow,
Hey Kit :bigsmile:

Nice to have your around again.

Your job sounds like my dream job, I would love to do something like that :)

It's funny to hear you talking of snow and flares etc. etc. It's incredibly hot here the last few days, averaging 100F and little relief. I too am flaring nicely :rolleyes: and yes sick of docs too :lol: Hang in there and I will do the same.

Hey Kit

Great sounding new job, sounds perfect. I too reduced my hours last year so hoping to slowly start to increase them to 30 hours a week this year.

Hope you are feeling better soon after your cold.

Take care
Hello Kit :) It's been a long time!!

I'm glad to hear that things are going relatively OK for you. The new job sounds like a good move and enjoyable too.

I hope that you won't neglect that suspected flare if things don't clear up soon.

bye and speak soon,
Hello Kit
Thanks for the news update.:) I am glad things are going so well for you. "Mom" says take good care of yourself - you don't want to end up with pneumonia or bronchitis.

Bye for now

Hello Kit, Thanks for the update. Glad about the job.
x Lola
Welcome back - it's so good to hear from you again. Your new job sounds GREAT to me. If I could do that and ride horseback through the trails sometimes then it would be perfect ;)

Hope you kick that cold to the curb any day now and have just a short lived lupus flare. Take care and keep in touch!
Hi Kit, good to hear from you again. All of our mountains of snow blew away last night with the Chinook that blew in from the West Side. It's amazing how much snow melted in just a few hours.

Where have you settled now? Send me a note. If you're close maybe we can meet up sometime.

I'm so glad to see a lot of the same friendly faces around here :)

To those who mentioned my really is a dream job in many ways. I wanted this job EXTREMELY bad -- this is what I went to school for and I was so prepared to finally work in that field. I get to be an educator and also work with volunteers at the park...such a blast! And it isn't half bad being paid to go down and patrol the beach regularly either :)

As for the REAL mother got on my case about it, so I saw my GP today. He confirmed that it is a cold and it hasn't progressed to a sinus infection or anything. He has suggested a big steroid boost (short term) to try and get rid of the lupus flare. Now I'm just waiting for a call back from the rheumy to see what he actually prescribes!

Anyway...thanks for the responses. I'll try to be a little less MIA in the future.

Hi Kit,:)

It is great to hear from you.
Your job sounds wonderful.

I hope you get over that cold fast.

I have missed seeing you on the boards.
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