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Hi there

Just a quick note to say hello, I have FM, CFS and query LUPUS (awaiting confirmation)

I am looking forward to finding lots of hints and tips to deal with the pain and discomfort, I use reiki to help - and it does - and crystals, but its always good to learn different ways....

Look forward to meeting you all around the boards

Reiki blessings

HV xx

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Hi and Welcome to the site. I am sure you will find all the help you need here as there are so many different people and different symptoms on the site. I hope you will share some of your helpful hints and experiences with us also. We have a chat room and I look forward to seeing you in there when you can. I hope you are feeling well.

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Hello and welcome to the site :)

I don't have any specific tips for dealing with pain, I think we all have different things that work for each of us but it is never easy.

It is interesting that you are now being investigated for lupus. I don't know what your general symptoms are but it is certainly worth looking into things further.

Around 30% of lupus patients can have fibro alongside lupus. Often the pain from fibro is even more unbearable than that of lupus :(

CFS however, is a diagnosis of exclusion and cannot actually exist alongside lupus. You may perhaps find that your problems were caused by lupus or another similar auto-immune disease all along. Some people here have had diagnoses change over time as symptoms become clearer and bloodwork more positive.

Have you been referred to a rheumatologist and what tests have been done so far?

all the best,

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Hello HV

Welcome to the Forum. When you say 'query Lupus' I presume you are awaiting test results from a Rheumatologist? When do you expect to get your results? Waiting is always an anxious time.

I hope you enjoy the site. If it turns out you do have Lupus then you have come to the most comprehensive and informed Lupus site worldwide.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask. I have Fibro and SLE as well as a few other things thrown in.

Take care for now

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Welcome to the forum :)

I know many people have been diagnosed first with CFS apparently because nobody ever thought to join the dots. Sometimes medical ignorance is the cause and the better educated one is the better able to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

There are many ways of reducing pain always depending on what is causing it and how severe it is.
There are also ways of making it more tolerable and very possibly the two go together a lot of the time. The mind/ spirit/ body link can't be denied. There are many complementary therapies, really whatever floats your boat and can do no harm.


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:welcome: HV

We have a few members that have tried reiki. My preference happens to be yoga. Each of us has to find what suits them the best.

Please feel free to post any questions you have. The members are more than willing to chime in with their experiences and opinions.

Take care,
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