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hi there,

i don't really have any advise for you as i have only just been diagnosed myself and i'm still finding out about it, however, i read your post and i also had a dvt, clot in my leg, i was rushed into hospital once with a suspected pe but thankfully it wasn't that, i can imagine how terrified you must've been. i thought a dvt and suspected pe would've been the worst of it for me but it just seems to be one thing after another... i have also put on a lot of weight since having my dvt due to inactivity and possibly as a direct result of dvt/blood disorder, meds - warfarin (6 months) i don't know why but it sucks! i have just started a blood type diet which if i follow strictly should help me shed the 21+ pounds i've gained. by the way - did you lose any hair on the warfarin? and did you have heparin shots? OWWWCH.

hope you recover quickly and comfortably x
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