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Hello - long time no see - but I have a diagnosis :o)

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Hi Guys

I hope you're all doing ok!

I haven't been on for a while - I thought I'd try and concentrate on what was right with me, rather than what was wrong with me - so I've been going out every morning - even if just on the bus for a starbucks & back!

Also, been spending a lot of time with Dr Edwards at the London Lupus Centre!!

So - I have 2 definate diagnosis - one I was expecting, the other not!

I have Lupus - definite, CK levels v high, and I'm now taking Plaquenil, 400mg twice a day.

And - I also have asthma!! Totally out of the blue, but obviously quick treatment has stopped me wheezing, and has eased the tiredness a lot! Spent a horrible day being dosed up with histamines, but worth it in the long run!

So here I am, hopefully in recovery, and going back to work part time on Monday :eek:)

Stick with it guys.......

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Hi Linda,

Sorry to hear about the asthma. I am glad the treatment has worked for you though.

Good luck with work. Some extra rest might be in order to help get you through in the beginning.

Take care,

Hi Linda
I am so glad you are back and finally got the diagnosis.I was diagnosed wtih asthma way before being diagnosed with lupus but then in the last three year i went from using the inhalers every day to not at all.So i am very glad you are feeling better and really hope things stay for a long time for you((((hugs))).
I did have to share on yours because i went to my rhueme the other day and things are doing great in the area of the lupus and fatigue and pain.I do understand how wonderful it is to feel good.Now that they have you on meds you should feel getter for awhile and it does help to keep busy been walking for like three months now and it has made me so much stronger my legs anyway.Well take care and hope you continue to get better.:)

Hello Linda, I understand Dr. Edwards is very good. Hopefully for you now the only way is up!
x Lola
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