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Hello! (New)

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Hi there!

I presume I go in here! I'm someone who hasn't yet had a diagnosis, but could have one in the future - my family history is such that there are two generations of lupus sufferers (SLE, discoid). My ANA was also positive (negative anti-dsDNA, however, though may change).

The rheumies are not wanting to see me straight away, but said they certainly will do at even the slightest HINT of a symptom (to which I replied that I'd feel like a nag - surely the slightest little feeling of whatever shouldn't be something I go to the doctor for?).

Anyway, that's me. Just wanting to say "hallo". Hopefully I don't come back here with any (bad) news, but it would be nice to talk to others who are going through the same thing (especially for my age - I'm in my twenties, a uni student, and am finding this whole thing of probably-having-SLE-in-the-future quite shocking).

Hi :)

- aitchel
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Hello Aitchel,
The Docs. are right to be cautious, my SLE came out after Glandular Fever.
Don't be too worried though there is life with lupus. Meanwhile given that you have had Glandular Fever are you getting any support at Uni?
x Lola
Glad to hear you manage your studies-Well Done but do ask for extra time for assignments etc. if you need it.

If it is any help to you in looking at symptoms many of us find Depression comes first, then maybe hairloss or mouthulcers when we are approaching a flare. May be something you can watch for.
x Lola
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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