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Hello! (New)

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Hi there!

I presume I go in here! I'm someone who hasn't yet had a diagnosis, but could have one in the future - my family history is such that there are two generations of lupus sufferers (SLE, discoid). My ANA was also positive (negative anti-dsDNA, however, though may change).

The rheumies are not wanting to see me straight away, but said they certainly will do at even the slightest HINT of a symptom (to which I replied that I'd feel like a nag - surely the slightest little feeling of whatever shouldn't be something I go to the doctor for?).

Anyway, that's me. Just wanting to say "hallo". Hopefully I don't come back here with any (bad) news, but it would be nice to talk to others who are going through the same thing (especially for my age - I'm in my twenties, a uni student, and am finding this whole thing of probably-having-SLE-in-the-future quite shocking).

Hi :)

- aitchel
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Hi aitchel,
Glad you are here and if you have family with lupus then you know a lot already i would say. The doctors are saying at the hint of anything so they can start dx and treatment as soon as possible. There isn't a cure but the sooner you get treatment the better off you are i would say. Hang in there maybe you will escape the lupus and be the one to find a cure for us lol. I hope the best for you in the future and present.
Glad to meet you and hope that things work in your favore as sle is not an easy thing to deal with (as you already know from your family members). I am glad that you have decided to start talking with us now as things could change for you at any time and it seems you could us the support of the site. I advise that you keep a journal so you will have a reference so that you can keep track of even the little things that can add up when all put together. I wish you the best with your studies as it seems you have a great start to a wonderful career ahead of you (it would not be in finding a cure for lupus would it? Well, just a thought lol). Hope to see you in the chat room so we could talk more, in the mean time have a wonderful time at school and try not to worry to much about the lupus.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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