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Hello! (New)

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Hi there!

I presume I go in here! I'm someone who hasn't yet had a diagnosis, but could have one in the future - my family history is such that there are two generations of lupus sufferers (SLE, discoid). My ANA was also positive (negative anti-dsDNA, however, though may change).

The rheumies are not wanting to see me straight away, but said they certainly will do at even the slightest HINT of a symptom (to which I replied that I'd feel like a nag - surely the slightest little feeling of whatever shouldn't be something I go to the doctor for?).

Anyway, that's me. Just wanting to say "hallo". Hopefully I don't come back here with any (bad) news, but it would be nice to talk to others who are going through the same thing (especially for my age - I'm in my twenties, a uni student, and am finding this whole thing of probably-having-SLE-in-the-future quite shocking).

Hi :)

- aitchel
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i'm going through that process too. nice to meet you.
in my experience, unless there is something straightforward that there is a test for, doctors really don't want to be bothered.
that sounds really familiar to me :)

hope you get some answers soon...
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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