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Hello! (New)

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Hi there!

I presume I go in here! I'm someone who hasn't yet had a diagnosis, but could have one in the future - my family history is such that there are two generations of lupus sufferers (SLE, discoid). My ANA was also positive (negative anti-dsDNA, however, though may change).

The rheumies are not wanting to see me straight away, but said they certainly will do at even the slightest HINT of a symptom (to which I replied that I'd feel like a nag - surely the slightest little feeling of whatever shouldn't be something I go to the doctor for?).

Anyway, that's me. Just wanting to say "hallo". Hopefully I don't come back here with any (bad) news, but it would be nice to talk to others who are going through the same thing (especially for my age - I'm in my twenties, a uni student, and am finding this whole thing of probably-having-SLE-in-the-future quite shocking).

Hi :)

- aitchel
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Hey :)

I have to admit, I'm finding it all really overwhelming. I've been told to keep an eye on my health, but the number of symptoms there can be (involved with SLE) that can correlate to just a simple word!

Can I really head off to a GP if I have slight tiredness, headaches, etc.?
Well, I don't really find tiredness, headaches, etc.. all that new, to be honest. I'm a uni student :)p) and in addition to that, I had glandular fever twelve/thirteen months ago and am starting to finally feel like I have a bit of energy.

So it seems quite strange to me that I was told to just keep trying, to keep talking to the GP if I notice something.
Thanks :)

How long have you been going to the doctor for, in regards to this?
In regards to help with studies, etc.?

Not really, but then I never needed it. They realised why I wasn't able to go to lectures, tutorials, etc.., but my exam grades more than made up for it (I was ridiculously over-compensating for having GF - to the extent I ended up being exhausted for months).

However, I've not been as bad recently, and my grades seem stable.

My only real concern is spotting anything new - fatigue seems to be one of the key things, but I'm kind of used to that already. I've just rang my mother (500 miles away) and I think the consensus is to keep an eye on everything, and if I get say...three/four symptoms or whatever, at the same time-ish, then maybe go to the GP.

Am keeping a diary of weight, and any health developments, etc..

I'm also being checked over for endometriosis at the same time! Have had a history of pelvic pain. Just found out on Tuesday that after 4 years, they're finally wanting to make a diagnosis. And it's endo., possibly :(. Add that to the whole "yeeeeah, you might actually, realistically, get SLE in future", and I'm not exactly feeling too great at the moment.

Slightly overwhelmed, actually :). All in the same week!
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Well, I had quite bad depression before going to uni, though I still have occasions of it (though they are highly irregular nowadays and would be noticeable if combined with other symptoms).

As for hair loss, I have that anyway. Lots of over-colouring :p. I've lost a third of my hair within four months :p.

That's amazing though, thank you. I was saying to my mother that I don't know if there's anything out there for those who are on the lookout for lupus, but find that the symptoms to look out for are fairly common with normal colds, etc..
Does anyone know of any links between auto-immune disease and pelvic pain? I'm currently under investigation for endometriosis, and wondered if there were any links to SLE, etc..
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