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I am new to this site and just seeing if anyone knows any knew remedies or medications for lupus?
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Hello akh,
Well sadly there are no miracle cures, but there are many treatments that do help to a varying degree. I am a bit tired and brain dead tonight but I am sure other people will help you. I am in the UK and some of our drug names will be different from yours.
x Lola
There hasn't been a new officially approved medication for lupus in decades is the answer to your question. However, there are some drugs being used to treat lupus that are "newer", but not officially FDA approved for lupus. These drugs include Cellcept and Rituxan - generally speaking they are used in more severe cases that have been resistant to other treatments.

Lupus medications include: Plaquenil, Mepacrine/Quinacrine, prednisone, methotrexate, Imuran, Cellcept, Rituxan. These are the ones you hear about being used most often at least.

Welcome to the site!
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