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Hi everyone,

I havn't been on line for a while as I have been quite poorly!

Had extreme pain in my joints, and have had several falls!! I have been back to my GP and he has arranged an appointment with a Rheumy for the 27th of this month (next wed) I am looking forward to going to see them as I have really had enough now I am on crutches around the house and have had an occupational therapist in who has supplied lots of equipment inc hand rails, bath lift etc, etc. All my bloods came back normal?? (could this still be Lupus?) a couple of them were slightly raised but nothing terrible??? I had mouth ulcers for a week which also became infected!! Oh well... sorry to come on here and moan I just feel really down!

I hope everyone is ok??

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Good afternon beci, why couldnt it be Lupus, sounds like you have something, what does your dr think?

Look don't worry about bloods, mine comes back ok, apart from my ANA, that still comes back now, 8 yrs later.They will go on other things to, as for OT they are a wait in gold hey.

I wish you lots of luck with your rhuemy apointment. please let us know how things go, hang in there Beci .Lin xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Beci,

It is good morning here. Sorry your feeling so horrible lately. I hope this Rheumy appointment finds you with a dx and on some meds to help you feel better.

Let us know how you make out.

By the way, just to let you know my ANA came back perfect for years even though my body was screaming. It is only recently that my ANA started to become abnormal. Do not put too much stock in blood work.:wink2:

Good luck with your appointment on the 27th!

I am sorry that your feeling rubbish at the moment - dont worry about coming on here and having a moan!


Hi Beci

Sorry you are feeling down... pain like that and all those falls are bound to leave you rather blue. Not long to go though to that appointment. My bloods have been relatively normal when I felt like rubbish on wheels.

I think it is ok to come on and feel a bit down... I do it and so do lots of others, that is partly what the list is for.

Sending you some gentle hugs and good wishes for the rheumy visit.


Thank you to all of you for your replies. I have been to see my GP he has given me some more painkillers (Diclofenac) and some aniti-biotics as I have a throat infec! He has also said that he is doing a referral to the Lupus Centre in London for me and that I should have an appointment with them within 2 weeks!! I am pleased with that as they are the specialists and hopefully I may be able to have a diagnosis and start some treatment.

Thanks again to you all

Hi Beci,

(((((((((((Beci))))))))) I'm sorry about the throat infection and I hope it clears up soon :hug:

That's great news about your referral, it sounds like you have a very good and compassionate GP :) What an asset!

Good luck and do make sure you do the usual and list all the symptoms you have had and a brief health history. Also if there is anyone else in your family with an autoimmune disease make sure you mention that too.

Dear Beci,
Wanted to say Good Luck for London.
x Lola
Beci so glad your GP is sending you to London, baout time he listend to you way to go. please let us know how things go

All the best Lin xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Beci, I am on a walker and you are on crutches, boy we 'd make
a fine pair going down the street. I wish you a million of my best
wishes,( count them ) for you'r next dr's. appt Come here after and
let us know how it turned out, we are worried about you. smile.
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