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Hello! ,

Its been new little guy has been keeping me quite busy and away from my computer! But it is a distraction I gladly welcome :) I've been feeling pretty good since I had him in May.

Ive begun to have some health issues myself for the last 3 weeks or so...thinking it is pleuritis but my pulmonary specialist is away on vacation till january. I wound up in the hospital on Christmas day and everyone has been away on holiday since then so Im hoping to get in touch with my rheumy tomorrow morning.

Anyway, just wanted to reintroduce myself to those I've met before and those I have not -

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Welcome back and glad to hear you have done well for several months, until recently. Enjoy your little guy - they grow up all too fast!

I had a very bad case of costochondritis when my little girl was 1. Took a few months to get rid of it - I hope you are able to get something to help you feel better very soon.
Hello Sharon, I remember you and am glad to hear from you.
x Lola
Hi Sharon

Its lovely to hear from you and know that you have been doing so well since you had your little boy :) I hope this current bout can be quickly brought under control for you and you can go on to enjoy many, many more 'normal' days :) Let us know how you are doing when you get the chance.

Much love and happy New Year
Hi again..

I actually wound up back in Er again and they now have me jacked up on 60mg of I am feeling a bit better. Hopefully this will do the trick even though it seems like a really high dose. I have never been on pred before so I guess I need to do a little research on what to expect.

Take care-
New to this message Board

Hello Sharon & several other writers,

I noticed you c/o of pleurisy, do you also feel it is outside of the lung tissue?
Does anyone c/o of severe burning sensations in your body? Sometimes I feel like I am being scalded inside my body! It comes and goes, also when it happens, My fingers and toes turn white. This really is painful. I just wanted to know if anyone else experiences this. I was diagnosed a year ago and I am on Plaquenil along with other meds to control some of my symptoms.

Would love to hear from someone who might know what I'm talking about!
Thanks, Peggy

Hello Sharon
I am really sorry to see you here again ! Just because you aren't well of course, but I am glad your little lad is doing well. I hope you'll be feeling much better very soon- the Quinacrine should kick in quite quickly I think.
And a happy new year to you and yours

Hi Clare,

Good to see you and your sound advise are still here on the boards. Hope all is well with you.

Take care!
Hi Peggy,

I have never experienced the burning sensation you described...however the fingers and toes turning white sounds like it could be Raynauds..have you ever been tested for it?

Maybe you might try to post these symptoms in the symptoms section and you will get more visibility and more replies...hope someone comes along with better input!

Take care,
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