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Just wanted to introduce myself. Was diagnosed in 95 with SLE. Just had bad flare from Jan 08 and developed on the mend hopefully with full medication.....the saving grace. Being positive and hoping this year to get back to work. Was a principal...
Got facial blisters and wanted to know if anyone else gets these....not sure if this is part of my lupus as only had them from Jan 08..Tempted with binbag on head.
Louise coote centre at St Thomas hosp London has been fab.
Glad to be part of this.:lol:
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Hello, Don't quite know what to call you, I am glad you are being well treated at St. Thomas'.
I don't know what you can do about the blisters but they are probably not very noticeable to other people so I think you could dispense with the bin bag!
x Lola
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