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Hi Jasmine, I was diagnosed in Nov 08 with MCTD, a mixture of Lupus and Schleroderma, so I have been told, following pain since July 08. I had steroid injections in August then after a flare in Nov 08 which helped about 20% only and anti inflammatories not at all. I started on plaquenil (hydroxychoroquine) in December and have recently been upped to two tabs daily after my eye test was ok.(You should have at least annual testing as there is a very slim chance of side effects affecting the eyes). Whilst on holiday in Dec became photosensitive, massive rash and urine infection.. Prednisolone 40mgs a day for a week and I am still reducing, on 7.5mgs a day now... I do find that my joint pains come back whilst reducing but nowhere near the pain previously. Whilst in the Caribbean I asked a Rheumatologist who has far more Lupus patients than mine how long plaquenil can take to kick in and she said that it can take up to 6 months and sometimes more and that the 2-3 months I got quoted was optimistic, great if it happens but the drug shouldn't be abandoned as not working before a good trial of it 9-12 months. So take heart, it may work yet, just a bit longer than you may have been told. I am still wondering whether mine will once I am off the steroids.. if I can get off them! I wish you all the best and I am sure both of us will have a journey over the next couple of years that at times is very confusing to find what works and what doesn't for our bodies.... take care and glad you have joined the site, it gives invaluable support and advice.
Until the next time....
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