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Hi All,

New here and just wanted to introduce myself. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2005 but the doctors feel that it had gone undiagnosed for many years. In the 3 years since being diagnosed I have had two major flares. I am on 2 lots of immunosuppresents and prednisone as well as other medication. I do not have the typical butterfly rash and infact I have a vasculitic rash that covers my whole face, I would be grateful if anyone can suggest ways to hide this. I don't have many people to talk to that understand the illness and how it affects you and am hoping to make some new friends that do.

Jan x
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Hi Jan,
Welcome to the site. Sometimes a dermy can help with the rash. I get a topic cream that does help but I really don't like to use it, not sure why. I hope to see you in the chat room and to get to know you a little bit better and hope to be one of your new friends. I hope you feel better and that you find some help for your rash.
Hello Jan and welcome :)

I'm afraid I don't have any special advice on the rash and how it can be hidden. I think there are some posts in the "looking good, feeling better" section that might help. You may need to do a search using key words such as "make-up" "hide"...

I hope you enjoy being here on the site and find it as supportive and helpful as I have.

bye for now,
Welcome to the forum Rosebudd

I am sorry about your rash. As Katharine says there are some threads on camouflage makeup on the Looking Good section but in brief I find Revlon's Colorstay make up very good indeed. There might be a Red Cross make up clinic in your area.

Hi Rosebud

Just wanted to welcome you to the board. I am sorry about your rash, the others have given good suggestions. This is an excellent site where you will meet some great people who share a wealth of information and knowledge. For my rash I just cover my face in concealer and then foundation and then a bit of bronzer. Its not perfect, but it helps a little!!!

Hi everyone

Thank you for the kind welcome and advice. I did see a dermatologist but not until after I had the rash for quite some time. The dermatologist has said that the vasculitis is irreversible and I do use a cream for the eczema type rash. I will look around at some of the ideas that you have suggested.

Many thanks

Jan xx
Hi Jan,
I have cellulitis on my legs and like you said, it has been permanent. I was told that the iron in the red blood cells permanently "stains" the skin, and so the red color is permanent.

Welcome to the board and I hope you are able to find help in other areas.

Depending on your skin type, I have found it helpful to use foundation base to hide the butterfly rash when it is showing. I have found that using "Jafra" products work best for my skin. It is sold thru private dealers, similar to Avon. I'm not sure if it is sold in the UK, but you could google it and see. They have some of the more powerful sun blocks around, and their foundation comes with sunblock in it.

I'm sorry that there isn't more to offer with this.
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